Clash of Clans – SuperCell new encryption reverse engineering


In this paper I’m going to speak about what I’ve did to reverse engineer the new encryption, using Clash of Clans as base (The logic used to break CoC could be replicated as well on Boom Beach and HayDay that are already shipped with the new encryption). I’ll skip whatever that’s already known (the previous encryption), as it can be read and understood here:  (SuperCell...

Reverse Engineering: api encryption


Hello everyone! Everything stated and reported on this post is for study and demonstration purpose. There is no violation or usage of copyrighted code nor abuse of service. The code snippet that can be found on the post are reversed and made opensource under GPL license. Platform: Api communication: JSON Security measure: body encrypted Request from the original client: URL Status...

PokéMesh – Inizio e fine di un’avventura


In questo primo articolo del mio sito/curriculum voglio raccontare la mia bellissima esperienza ed avventura con PokéMesh andando a toccare punti ed idee personali e punti tecnici che potrebbero richiedere un livello base di logica di programmazione ed informatica. Partiamo dal principio, come nasce PokéMesh. PokéMesh nasce poche settimane dopo la pubblicazione della popolare app Pokémon GO...