Being a good daddy and a nice person to have a talk with is what I can do best, but let me say an hello in a couple of different ways i know.

public static void helloVisitor(String visitorName) {
    System.out.println("Hello " + vistorName);
function helloVistor(vistorName) { 
    console.log("Hello " + vistorName); 
def hello_vistor(visitor_name):
    print('Hello ' + vistor_name)
func hello_visitor(visitor_name) {
    fmt.Println("Hello " + visitor_name)
function hello_visitor($visitorName){
    echo 'Hello ' . $visitorName;
ARM Assembly
  .ascii "Hello \000"
  stmfd sp!, {fp, lr}
  add fp, sp, #4
  sub sp, sp, #8
  str r0, [fp, #-8]
  ldr r3, [fp, #-8]
  ldrb r3, [r3] @ zero_extendqisi2
  mov r2, r3
  ldr r3, .L3
  add r3, r2, r3
  mov r0, r3
  bl printf
  mov r3, #0
  mov r0, r3
  sub sp, fp, #4
  ldmfd sp!, {fp, lr}
  bx lr
  .word .LC0
Something that made me proud of me
  • Metaforic – inside secure reverse engineering (mid 2019)
  • In-House bypass solution for safetynet attestation (mid 2019)
  • Open source 2 other great modules (hooah-trace | frida-onload) (mid 2019)
  • Keynote at NowSecure Connect 2k19. Introduced Dwarf and some of my recent userspace takeovers over customized | commercial protections (mid 2019)
  • Open source my debugger (Dwarf) (late 2018)
  • Reverse engineering of an hand written, obfuscated with different techniques, crypto function (late 2018)
  • A couple of beer and coffee around Venice with Supercell security engineer (late 2018)
  • Keynote at HackInBo about reverse engineering on Android (mid 2018)
  • Hitting 1.000.000 downloads on StatsRoyale Android app (mid 2018)
  • Releasing our new Android app – StatsOfValor – for Arena of Valor (mid 2018)
  • Reverse engineering the whole TCP protocol and encryption of Arena of Valor from tencent (mid 2018)
  • Keynote at Disobey about reverse engineering on Android (early 2018)
  • Keynote at Supercell HQ and coffee with development team (early 2018)
  • Take me and the family to a new house (late 2017)
  • Hitting 500.000 downloads on StatsRoyale Android app (late 2017)
  • Being contacted from Supercell security engineer for knowledge sharing (late 2017)
  • Exploiting and reverse engineering BoomBeach obfuscations (late 2017)
  • Start working at Overwolf together with StatsRoyale guys (late 2017)
  • Cracking and reverse engineering of Clash of Clans protocol (mid 2017)
  • Being part of Bandyer team (mid 2017)
  • My daughter (early 2017)
  • PokèMesh – 80/100.000 active users as avarage, 4 milion requests at minute. (mid 2016)
  • Move alone to the Netherlands (early 2015)
  • Get stopped 3 times at high school because of World of Warcraft
something that i really, really, really love
  • My daughter
  • My whole family and friends
  • Automation
  • Coding, exploring
  • Reverse engineering, get down the business
  • Travelling
  • Team works