Once Dwarf is installed on the local machine (by using the a new tool named dwarf-creator becomes globally available. This is used to quickly create a project with a Dwarf agent template. That project can be open in any of the most used code editor and will have inline documentation and suggestions for both Dwarf and Frida api.

Here is how you would use the creator

project path (/home/igio90/projects/myproject): 
project name (myproject): 
what's the session type? L:local A:android I:iOS R:remote (L): A
target package: com.twitter

# node compilation output

igio90@igio90-P7xxTM1:~/projects/myproject$ ls
agent.js  dwarf  node_modules  package.json  package-lock.json  src  tsconfig.json

igio90@igio90-P7xxTM1:~/projects/myproject$ cat dwarf 
dwarf -t android -s agent.js -sp com.twitter

At this point you can keep editing your src/agent.ts and use the provided dwarf/dwarf.bat executable to build the agent and inject your target.