Giovanni Rocca

Giovanni Rocca

Applications developer, Software engineer

SmashGAG is our little new app – project.

Hello guys! How are you doing!?

A couple of month have passed now since the end of my adventure with PokéMesh. During these time a lot of things happened in my life, beginning from the birth of my daughter Noelle followed by my new job position in an awesome team for a great company.

In the free time, mainly at the weekend, me and a good old friend started working towards this new project.


SmashGAG came from an old Facebook page I had in which I’ve shared a couple of Facebook fake conversations using real and fake characters. I searched for a tool to quickly create these kind of memes with ease for a couple of hours and I finally ended up creating my own little app to build them.

Our main goal (that I think we reached) was to use what I’ve learn with PokèMesh and PokémonGO and take it to a new project (no matter which one or the kind). For example, a rest service that uses so and so, the same communication protocol, the security and many other little things.

The source code of my old app to create these Facebook fake conversations got deleted many months ago since it was a dead project, but I took the idea from it to build what we decide to call, SmashGAG.

About the project

SmashGAG is a new app, very similar to 9gags or other meme and fun applications/websites that will let you create facebook, twitter and google search gags. In addition to other kind of similar services (that let you build these kind of meme) the works is done server side and provided through a rest api service. Images are built in the server and use the real Facebook, Twitter and Google css style to reproduce a perfect screenshot. Within the app you can customize lot of thing such as like, comments, reactions and many more things. The app got a local database that will let you create your characters and use it anytime on your gags. You can customize character name, avatar, nickname after the @ for twitter and even choose if you want the little blue V for twitter verified accounts. Hashtags on the status are processed as well and marked with the blue color. You can use the app to prank on your friend or just build gags to share with your friends on your pages.


Inside the App, you can register for free to remove the watermark on the gags. By registering, you will have a custom profile with a custom nickname and avatar. We are actually work to bring in a follow/likes system that will let you follow other users and rate their gags. Obviously this will take a bit longer since it’s our “weekend project”, but we are happy of the actual result.

Technical notes

The backend is written in node with express and mongoose which manages the rest service and the data. The request and response envelopes are encrypted client side and deciphered by the server using a magic table. This can be cracked with ease… but will also let us catch any abuser with ease (just like PokémonGO). The first client, of course, it’s for Android. Probably we will move to bring live a web an iOS app later.

You can try the app by becoming a beta tester on the Google Play Store using the following link:

You can also join our discord to discuss the project:

Social references of the project:


The app will remain in beta stage until the explore and profile sections will let you see and rate gags built by other users.

Let me know for any improvements or problems!



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